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We just finished our launch in May and it was amazing!  And the response we've received from our wonderful viewers, was truly moving.  

Like Mary from the United Kingdom...

Thank you for the extension, I had missed the last episode & having now seen it I am glad I had the opportunity to do so.  So thank you for the event, it has been inspirational. The work of Force Blue blew my mind. I loved the harmony of healing both the ocean & the incredibly brave forces personnel.  Many thanks, this may have had a profound effect on me.  

We'd love for you to participate!  Blue Mind Health is officially evergreen, so you can promote it year-round to your audiences! Our Blue Mind Health launch averaged a $3 EPL and nearly 40% opt-in rate for our partners.  

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We look to many forms of healing methods and alternative cures to prevent chronic diseases like cancer, autoimmune conditions, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

What’s even more dangerous is the stress, anxiety, depression, that are often the underlying spark that lights the fire of these dangerous life-threatening diseases.

While conventional medicine usually only looks to treat the symptoms, it rarely addresses the root cause which is our emotional and mental health.

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, creator and New York times best-selling author of Blue Mind, has made it his life’s mission to share with every single person this evidence based scientifically proven message that #WaterIsMedicine. 

Blue Mind Health is a 6 episode documentary film series that will reveal how your brain and body can benefit when it’s exposed to water.  

It’s a phenomenon called Blue Mind - a virtually unknown concept that’s proven to make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do.

Neuroscientists and psychologists add that waters and oceans are a wellspring of happiness and relaxation, sociality and romance, peace and freedom, play and creativity, learning and memory, innovation and insight, elation and nostalgia, confidence and solitude, wonder and awe, empathy and compassion, reverence and beauty.  

Blue Mind also helps to manage trauma, lower stress and anxiety, alleviate sleep disorders, ease the symptoms of autism, aid in overcoming addiction, help you to meet your fitness goals, resolve issues with attention/focus, soothe grief, calm PTSD, build personal resilience, and much, much more. 

Chronic stress and anxiety cause or intensify a range of physical and mental afflictions including depression, ulcers, colitis, and heart disease, among others. Being on, in, or near water can be one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing stress and anxiety or Red Mind.

We all need this.  It makes a difference.

Blue Mind Health takes viewers on a voyage of how Red Mind has reached epidemic proportions and enlightens and empowers the viewer to tap into and create their own Blue Mind using simple, innovative, and easy to implement solutions even if they only have access to the water in their own shower.  

When you transform your mind from Red Mind to Blue Mind, you create a wave of new possibilities and healing through the incredible combination of neuroscience and water.   

How To Participate

We’re beyond grateful for your willingness to spread the word about this documentary series and we’d love to reward your efforts!  

You will earn 50% on any digital sales and 25% on any upsells.  Our product packages are in digital format.

Blue Mind Health is using ClickBank as our affiliate tracking system, and it works on a first referral ID basis. This means that the earlier you email and share on social media, the more you’ll make. 

We also have a 10% second tier referral program for anyone that you introduce to us.  

Please introduce any new affiliate partners to our Lead Affiliate Managers, Cassie and Joanna, at partners@allegrastrategy.com. 

We will offer your readers the opportunity to buy all the episodes of the series, along with the how-to audios, journal, and guides — and support our mission in the process. 

You will earn commission on every dollar they spend. 

Help make your subscribers and loved ones overcome Red Mind and transform their health with Blue Mind.   

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ClickBank is the exclusive platform for Blue Mind Health, so in order to promote Blue Mind Health, you need to first become a registered ClickBank affiliate. To do this you will need to create an account at clickbank.com.   

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How do I contact the affiliate team?

You can reach us at partners@allegrastrategy.com. 

What are the affiliate commissions?

You will earn 50% on any digital sales and 25% on any upsells.  Our product packages are in digital format. 

When will I get paid commissions on sales? 

ClickBank will pay commissions on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, according to how you set up your payment information in your ClickBank account.  Please refer to ClickBank’s payment schedule for more information. 

I forgot my username and password, how do I get back into my account? 

You can reset a forgotten password on ClickBank within the Login module. Click the “Forgot My Password” link, then enter the email address you used to create the account. An email is sent with a link that lets you reset your password. 

How do I check my stats? 

In ClickBank, the “Transactions Reporting” feature allows you to run a sales report by various search criteria. The page has two major sections: the “Search Criteria” box, which lets you set the parameters of your search, and the “Search Report” area, which presents your search results. 

My readers/followers have questions for Blue Mind Health customer service team, who do I refer them to? 

The best way to get in touch is to send an EMAIL to support@bluemindhealth.com  

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