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Lower Your Risk Of...

  • ​Heart disease
  • ​Fatigue
  • ​Anxiety
  • ​Depression
  • ​Stress
  • ​Sleep problems
  • ​Brain fog
  • ​Obesity
  • ​And More..

​ALL With This One Nutrient

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SHOCKING: PhD Biologist Publishes Stunning Exposé…

​Big Pharma Will NEVER Tell You about This #1 Healing “Element”...

​Because it’s 100% FREE

Dear Reader,

Hello, I’m Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, PhD.

I’m a world-renowned biologist and the country’s top expert on a very special health “element” that Big Pharma and mainstream medicine is NOT telling you about…

At least not the FULL story.

What I’m about to share with you in the next 5 minutes will shock you…
But it will also save your life.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, who runs the #1 natural health website in the world, says this elemental “supplement” is “clearly one of the most important factors for your health.”

WebMD calls it “essential.”

And even Harvard Medical School says this health “supplement” has “big benefits.”

So I urge you to hear me out today.

You may find what I have to say unbelievable…

And you’ve probably NEVER heard of this solution for your condition before…

Even though it’s in your kitchen RIGHT NOW.

You see, it’s 100% natural…

You don’t need to buy any actual supplements…

There are no potions, lotions, or essential oils to use…

And 100% FREE…

So even if Big Pharma COULD patent it…

They couldn’t charge a single penny for it.

And since they can’t profit off of you and your family’s health…

They’re not going to tell you the full story about it. Not on their life.

Instead, they’re going to make it seem like no big deal.

Even though the Mayo Clinic reports “every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs [this supplement] to work properly.”

Needless to say, it’s extremely important for your health — and your family’s health — to keep reading.

If you give me just a few minutes of your time right now, I wholeheartedly believe I can change your life.

In fact, you could start benefiting from this healing supplement TODAY… without having to wait 2 days for it to be shipped to your door.

I’ve identified this “supplement” as “Pure Element One.”

And today I’m going to show you how to use it to its utmost potential to defeat your…

  • ​Fatigue
  • ​Anxiety
  • ​Depression
  • ​Stress
  • ​Sleep problems
  • ​Brain fog
  • ​Obesity
  • ​Heart disease
  • ​And Much More

It has the power to be so transformative for your health for one simple reason…

Every single one of your cells needs this nutrient.

It’s so much more than just swallowing a pill or drinking a shake.

So when you use it correctly…

It works by “detoxing” your cells… your organs… and yes, even your mind.

It’s so powerful that you don’t even have to ingest it in order to see the benefits.

You’ll see what I mean in a moment.

What’s important for you to know right now is that people have been using Pure Element One for thousands of years for its healing powers. It shows up in Psalm 23 in the Bible and also in ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine texts.

But this isn’t some new-age, woo-woo fake “remedy.”

Pure Element One has scientifically proven effects on your body and brain…

To improve your well-being, focus, productivity and happiness.

It all starts with a provable calming effect on your breathing and heart rate. Then, your skin cools. 

But that’s just the start. 

Pure Element One works to unleash a deeply programmed “health response” in your brain and body.  

From there, there’s a long cascade of effects that include a rush of dopamine, your body’s “feel good” neurotransmitter, which has too many benefits to list right now.

But let me be perfectly clear.

“Pure Element One” is NOT…

  • ​An essential oil of any kind
  • ​A pill
  • ​A drink mix
  • ​Any vitamin
  • ​Curcumin or turmeric
  • ​Any derivative of marijuana, THC, CBD, or anything like that

Rather, it's a simple natural molecule...and one of the basic building blocks of life. 

But I can guarantee you’ve never used it to its utmost potential.

It’s in your body right now… 

You just have to discover how to unlock its healing abilities so you can prevent chronic diseases, reestablish your focus, banish anxiety, and more. 

It’s imperative you know exactly how to unlock the power of this “supplement.”

And that’s what I want to show you today. 

It doesn’t matter your…

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Or what you've tried before

Pure Element One can change your life.  

People all over the world are starting to join the Pure Element One movement…

Using this 100% natural and 100% free health “supplement” to live their best lives…

Free of many chronic diseases, depression, anxiety, stress, and all the things that rob your life of joy. 

Even the Dalai Lama and Harrison Ford are joining the support of this “supplement.”

Needless to say, Pure Element One is the ULTIMATE prescription for relieving stress and anxiety.

You need to add it to your daily regimen.

You won’t have to visit a doctor’s office or check if your insurance covers it.

It won’t even conflict with ANY of your existing medications or supplements.

I’ll show you EVERYTHING you need to know about Pure Element One to maximize its healing effects on your mind and body.

But first let me ask you a question…

​Do You Have Red Mind?

​Did you know...Over 75% to 90% of all doctor's visits are for health problems related to Red Mind?

Red Mind is your body’s stress response gone haywire.

It can be activated when you’re worried about  your mortgage bill, when you’re caught in traffic, or when you’re in pain.

As you encounter little stressors throughout the day, your stress hormones are constantly switched into the “on” position.  

Your levels remain too high and keep you persistent state of agitation.

​This creates Red Mind.

Unfortunately, when stress-related neurochemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline are triggered by stress, they activate your “fight or flight” response.  

Even the smallest stressful incident can damage our bodies for as little as 2 hours and up to 20 years afterwards!  

Cortisol caused by chronic stress can lower or even halt the production of your “feel good” hormones - dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin - ultimately leaving you feeling flat, exhausted, and depressed.  

The National Institute of Health did a study on how Red Mind caused by stress could lead to body systems malfunctioning.

The excessive amount of the stress hormone cortisol produced in the study observants created psychological symptoms including:

  • Insomnia
  • ​Loss of Libido
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Increased risk for accumulating belly fat, hardening of the arteries, and other forms of cardiovascular disease 
  • Suppressed thyroid hormones 
  • Lowered immune system response and more… 

Because they are at higher risk for these health problems, the study found that such patients are likely to have their life spans shortened by 15 to 20 years if they didn’t find ways to deal with stress regularly. 

Could you imagine losing 20 years off your life because you were too stressed out?

You wouldn’t be able to retire and take that long awaited trip to Alaska… 

You wouldn’t be around to watch your grandchildren grow up… 

You would lose out on spending your golden years doing what you FINALLY wanted to do...  

And according to the Center for Disease Control/National Institute on Occupational Safety & Health, the workplace is the #1 cause of life stress. The CDC reports 110 million people die every year as a direct result of stress.

​That is 7 people every 2 seconds!

So, it’s no surprise that Red Mind could create serious health problems such as:

  • ​Heart disease
  • ​High blood pressure
  • ​Diabetes
  • ​Depression
  • ​Anxiety disorder
  • ​And much more

In fact chronic stress is linked to six leading causes of death including:

  • ​Heart disease
  • ​Cancer
  • ​Lung disorders
  • ​Cirrhosis of the liver
  • ​And sadly, every suicide according to the American Psychological Association.

Repeatedly activating the stress response system without relief is a growing (and proven) epidemic that’s killing us.  

This is why you must combat the deadly effects of Red Mind by creating what’s known as a Blue Mind and this can only be done with Pure Element One. 

Anxiety and stress - the two biggest factors that contribute to illness and disease - are washed away with the powerful state of Blue Mind.  

Blue Mind creates beneficial changes in your brain chemistry, your attitude, and emotions. You’ll be able to relax quickly without meditation and slow down your brain waves using Blue Mind. 

Neuroscientists and psychologists have long studied how Pure Element One can transform a stressed Red Mind to a relaxed Blue Mind and: 

  • Melt away you​​​​r stress in just minutes
  • ​Spark joy and lower your risk of chronic diseases
  • ​Silence you​​​​r anxiety
  • ​Ease the symptoms of autism
  • ​Aid in overcoming addiction
  • ​Help you to meet your fitness goals
  • ​Build personal resilience, and much, much more...
  • ​Resolve issues with attention/focus
  • ​Manage trauma
  • ​Alleviate sleep disorders
  • ​Soothe grief
  • ​Calm PTSD

​It’s my life’s work to share with you - and every single person on the planet - how you can easily achieve the calm, relaxation, and happiness when you tap into the healing power of Pure Element One.

​Let me tell you a little bit about my background… 

​My name is Dr. Wallace “J.” Nichols, and I’m a scientist, idea explorer, New York Times best-selling author, international speaker, and (most importantly) a loving husband and dad to two teenagers.

I knew from an early age how powerful our human connection to Pure Element One is to health and wellness. Through my work in the field of neuroscience, I’ve authored more than 200 scientific papers.   

I’ve been featured on NPR, BBC, PBS, CNN, and MSNBC. I’ve given dozens of interviews to publications such as National GeographicAnimal PlanetTimeNewsweekGQOutside MagazineElleVogueFast CompanySurfer MagazineScientific AmericanNew Scientist, and many, many more. 

I don’t tell you all this to brag but to show you how dedicated I am to sharing my mission with you today. I want you to experience the life-changing emotional and physical benefits of Pure Element One

You see in addition to reducing stress, anxiety, and depression with Pure Element One… 

...It can increase levels of oxytocin, a chemical known as the “love hormone,” and is activated when trust is built between two people.  

​This helps you write a new script about your relationships. 

If you’re having problems with your relationship, by transforming your Red Mind to Blue Mind with Pure Element One, you can ease tension and stress and really improve tensions and frustrations. 

Discover the Fastest Way to Create Blue Mind As Your Easiest Every Day Healing Tool for the Stresses of Modern Life

Re-Align Your Mind, Body, and Spirit the Meditation-Free Way

Imagine if you had a simple step-by-step guide that if you were to follow, would effortlessly reduce stress by 67% or more? 

And even help you create the sort of balance and calm in your health, relationships, purpose, love, and more that most people only dream about. 

Well, that path exists within all of us...including YOU.   

It’s flowing through every cell of your body and once you unlock its hidden power you can use it anytime and anywhere. 

The struggle is most of us simply don’t know how to use it to our advantage.   

We keep doing the same things over and over again. 

We make energy-draining decisions that increase our cortisol and adrenaline levels, and we feel like we are stuck and can’t make progress in life.   

And sure you could try traditional ways to relieve stress like meditation… 

​...But when you’re frustrated, stressed, upset, or angered you can’t easily flip your thoughts to instant calm, which is why the majority of these practices simply won’t work for a lot of us.

That’s why you need the practical easy-to-understand how-to plan to use this natural phenomenon to your full advantage. 

You're just moments away from unlocking how you can use Pure Element One, the scientifically proven every day healing tool for the stresses of modern life. 

​When you transform Red Mind to Blue Mind you unlock how to: 

  • ​Melt Away Anxiety
  • ​Have a Brighter Mood
  • ​Get More Done Easily
  • ​Create More Clarity Effortlessly
  • ​Boost Focus Rapidly
  • ​Supercharge Happy Hormones
  • ​Increase Happiness, & Heighten Creativity
  • ​Soothe Aches and Pains Naturally
  • ​Discover Inner Peace
  • ​Enjoy Better Sleep

Blue Mind is the Only Meditation-Free Way to Lower Your Stress by 67%!  

Dramatically improve your psychological and physical health today with Blue Mind. 

If you or a loved one struggles with their health or are looking for new ways to thrive, you need this powerful and simple habit.  

In Blue Mind Health - featuring Pure Element One - I’ll be your guide to show you this ancient and practical system using my decades of experience and knowledge. 

​What you’ll get is the most comprehensive and practical masterclass series with practical how-to guides to reduce stress, anxiety, ease depression, and prevent chronic diseases in your life.

You’ll be able to easily recharge when needed.   

Or if you need to energize yourself you can do it whenever and wherever with Blue Mind. 

  • Looking to quickly and easily calm down after a frustrating incident?  Create a Blue Mind. 
  • How about finding a way that doesn’t involve drinking a little too much, comfort eating, or putting yourself down when you’ve had a rough day?  Blue Mind is the perfect soothing practice for you.  
  • Want to get better connected to your partner so you can experience the happiness and relationship of your dreams?  Try practicing Blue Mind with your partner.  
  • Need to get happier and healthier and strengthen your self-worth?  The solution lies in Blue Mind.
  • Maybe you have high blood pressure and easily lose your cool when in stressful situations?  Create instant calm with Blue Mind.  

This is what Blue Mind Health empowers you to do with easy tools you can utilize when you need them most.   

What You’ll Experience and Learn In

The Blue Mind Health Masterclass

In This Masterclass

Session 1: Blue Mind Health: Water is Medicine

  • ​Find out how to achieve Blue Mind and use it as a powerful everyday healing tool for the stresses of modern life
  • ​How anxiety and stress - the two biggest factors that contribute to illness and disease - are washed away with the powerful state of Blue Mind
  • ​Discover how to create beneficial changes in your brain chemistry, your attitude, and emotions that occur when you practice Blue Mind
  • ​Relax quickly without meditation and slow down your brain waves using Blue Mind

Session 2: Blue Mind: A Deep Dive

  • ​Discover how you can hit the mental and emotional reset button with Blue Mind
  • ​Find out how Blue Mind can be used as a grounding force for the good of your mental and emotional health
  • ​How to breakdown the imaginary walls that hold you back from reaching your goals and dreams
  • ​Take charge, take hold of your deepest desires to reach your goals, and find your true purpose by using the brain transforming science of Blue Mind

Session 3: Get Your Blue Mind On - Blue Mind 101

  • Find out the single most important thing you need to know about Blue Mind 
  • ​We'll reveal why Red Mind is so dangerous in our digital age and how to get rid of digital toxins that are damaging your mind and body.
  • ​Discover how to achieve and apply Blue Mind in your own life…right now! You don’t want to miss this incredible session!

Session 4: Live Blue: 7 Ages of Water

  • Discover how Blue Mind directly influences every stage of your life from birth to death
  • The sense of freedom that we get through the 7 Ages and Blue Mind is extremely important, especially in a world that feels like it's closing and feels like it's getting tighter and tighter and more restrained
  • ​Dr. Nichols explores how Blue Mind is also an incredible way to boost your creativity, rapidly come up with ideas when needed, and increase your level of insightfulness

Session 5: A Flowed State of Calm: Depression and Blue Mind

  • ​Depression (also known as Gray Mind) is the #1 cause of medical disability worldwide. It is as serious - and as devastating to quality of life - as heart disease, diabetes, or cancer...yet often ignored or criticized
  • ​Explore how the epidemic of Red Mind fills us with anxiety and stress can lead to Gray Mind, which is a numbed-out, indifferent, depressed state
  • ​Discover how to overcome mental, physical, and emotional trauma with Blue Mind, get freedom from negative thoughts, and break destructive patterns

You'll Receive Complete Transcripts of All Sessions

​If you don’t have time to watch all the sessions or would rather browse and find the “pearls of practical wisdom” easily - then you’ll love the fact that we’ve created easy-to-read transcripts of each and every session totaling over 350 pages in a beautiful digital PDF.

We want to be as environmentally conscious as possible, saving our oceans and trees, by making these available to you digitally to read on your favorite device.

​Audio MP3s of All Sessions

​We know you’ll love Blue Mind Health so much that you’ll want to take it with you wherever you go. Listen to it when you take a walk or just relaxing on your comfy couch for relaxation and ease.

The Blue Mind Anywhere + Any Time Guide

With our step-by-step how-to guide you can create your very own Blue Mind anywhere and anytime in less than 5 minutes a day.

The beautiful thing about Blue Mind is that it’s for EVERYONE.

In this guide you’ll find out the one thing you must do to create Blue Mind in the privacy of your own home every day in a matter of minutes.

What to do when you’re stressed out, stuck at work, or can’t leave where you’re at...we’ve got a 30-second way for you to achieve Blue Mind. 

I’ve even created a simple audio how-to that you can listen to and practice soothing affirmations to ease you into Blue Mind. 

Blue Mind Health Literally Washes the Anxiety Away

​This is a gamechanger for your mental, emotional, and physical health - particularly stress, anxiety, depression, and life dissatisfaction - all of which can raise your risk of chronic disease.

​The complete Blue Mind Health Masterclass gives you the critical valuable and life-saving information you and your loved ones need to rejuvenate your health and revitalize your mental and emotional well-being.

​’s that powerful.

You’ll Even Get These Exclusive Free Bonuses When You Get Blue Mind Health 

FREE Bonus #1 - A Younger Mindset with Blue Mind

  • Why Red Mind leads to rapid aging, breakdown of every major body system, mental and emotional disorders, and drastically raises your risk of serious (and often deadly) chronic disease
  • How you can create your best anti-aging program ever with the special combination of Blue Mind and easy lifestyle hacks to protect your mind, body, and spirit
  • Why your perception of aging matters - and how Blue Mind can help you remain in the present and feel younger right now...what really matters is how young you FEEL

FREE Bonus #2 -Your Lymph System: Detoxifying The Planet Starts with Detoxifying Yourself 

  • ​How Red Mind damages your most vital and ignored body system that’s even more important than your circulatory system (you have 2X more LYMPH fluid in your body than BLOOD)
  • ​What you can do to reverse the damaging effects of Red Mind to revitalize your most critical detoxification system
  • ​Why detoxing this system is essential for your good health and how you can detox with Blue Mind in just minutes a day

FREE Bonus #3 - The Blue Mind Diet: Anti-Inflammatory Foods that Ease Red Mind 

  • ​Discover how these seemingly harmless foods keep you in a state of Red Mind, stimulate pain, and create widespread chronic inflammation
  • ​Find out how to ease Red Mind faster with the right foods that heal your gut (doctors and scientists agree chronic inflammation starts in the gut, the biggest part of your ​​immune system)
  • ​Why these 3 healthy fats are critical to controlling inflammation levels in your body

FREE Bonus #4 - Blue Mind Sleep 

  • ​Why Red Mind destroys the master mineral that’s crucial to you getting a good night’s sleep and how you can fix this deficiency
  • ​How to use simple Blue Mind sleep protocol to calm your mind and settle your body so you can achieve quality sleep every night
  • ​The must-do pre-bedtime ritual and checklist to reduce stress hormones that keep you up at night and help you fall asleep faster

FREE Bonus #5 - Breaking Bad Habits with Blue Mind 

  • ​How Red Mind triggers bad habits, addiction, and high-risk behaviors that make you feel out of control of your life
  • ​How you can overcome Red Mind and beat the dangerous or addictive habits that destroy your health
  • ​Why achieving Blue Mind is the key to achieving the habits you want and resetting your adrenal glands (which are damaged by stress hormones - cortisol and adrenaline)

Plus 5 More Special Bonuses That You’ll Unlock Once You Own the Masterclass! 


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First, I want to reward you for taking action today and being a part of the Masterclass. 

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​I’m so confident in my masterclass and its ability to transform your life starting today, that’s why I’ve decided to give you a FULL 60 days to try Blue Mind Health at absolutely NO risk to you. 

You’re about to embark on a transformational voyage that will create astounding positive changes in your physical, emotional, and mental health.   

That’s why we’re willing to give you 60 days (that’s two whole months) to watch every episode, listen to all the audios, read the transcripts, implement the how-to guides...and then you can decide whether Blue Mind Health is right for you. 

​If you honestly don’t feel it’s worth the small investment in your health and well-being then we’ll give you every cent back without any hassles.

If you’re not completely satisfied with the HUGE value of Blue Mind Health, just let our friendly customer support team know, and we’ll give you quick and speedy refund!  Blue Mind has the power to transform your health for one simple reason… 

Your mind, your body, and your emotional health need Blue Mind. 

I’m sure by now you CAN’T WAIT to experience the powerful benefits of Blue Mind for yourself!


Retail $397

You could keep doing what you’re doing, getting more stressed out every day, creating an environment that will trigger a chronic disease or an emotional breakdown. 

​But now more than ever you need a real way to deal with the stress that you and your loved ones experience.

​Stress is a killer!

It has been shown to worse or raise your risk of heart attacks, asthma, depression, anxiety, gut problems, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, obesity, slower healing, sleep issues, and even back, neck, and shoulder pain.  

​Smartphones, laptops, tablets — have all our digital devices ratcheted up our stress? 

​Neuroscientist Bruce McEwen of Rockefeller University in New York. “It’s hard to take a break. Many of us can no longer turn the stress response off. It alters our lifestyle.” 

The BEST WAY to dial down stress and halt chronic diseases is to turn your Red Mind to Blue Mind 

Discover what folks like you are saying about Blue Mind Health Masterclass:

Thank you so much for this very moving masterclass. The sessions were so uplifting and inspiring: to see the men and women find a real meaning again in their lives and to do it with such love and dedication went right into me.

Riesah, United Kingdom

I wish I could sing your praises more right now but just the first 3 sessions have really got my attention and impressed me deeply and profoundly. Peace Love Happiness and Blue Mindfulness..."

Richard, United States

​I am currently in a state of grey mind & have been struggling to find a reason to work my way through it. Having gone through the entire masterclass, I am starting to feel a change in myself. I am a long way from finding my reason to move forward, but I have been moved enough to feel a spark of change.”

Mary, United Kingdom

​This is fascinating and enlightening. I believe it!"

Ray G., United States

​Blue Mind is deep down about human curiosity, knowing ourselves more and better.  If J. weren’t curious, we wouldn’t be here now."

Celine Cousteau, Explorer and Filmmaker, granddaughter of Jacques Cousteau 

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  • 5 Powerful Video Masterclass Sessions
  • Complete Transcripts of All Masterclass Sessions
  • Audio MP3s of All Masterclass Sessions
  • ​The Blue Mind Anywhere + Any Time Guide

Exclusive Free Bonuses   

  • FREE Bonus #1 - A Younger Mindset With Blue Mind
  • FREE Bonus #2 - Your Lymph System: Detoxifying The Planet Starts with Detoxifying Yourself
  • FREE Bonus #3 - The Blue Mind Diet: Anti-inflammatory Foods that Ease Red Mind
  • FREE Bonus #4 - Blue Mind Sleep
  • FREE Bonus #5 - Breaking Bad Habits with Blue Mind

Plus 5 More Special Bonuses That You’ll Unlock Once You Own the Masterclass!

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